Dr. Aneta Chybicka

I have been conducting trainings for companies and enterprises as well as consulting for twenty years. I specialize in individual coaching work as well as in group problem solving and decision making techniques.

Earlier, as a researcher at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Gdansk, I was involved in gender and culture related research, specializing in intercultural psychology. I am the author of many scientific and popular science publications (including the books: Open Mind creates, Psychology of group creativity, Woman in Culture, Culture and Gender – an intimate relation). I created my own competency management model, which I successfully implemented in several large companies with a financial profile.

Selected achievements

In the National Reportage Competition, I received the Melchior statuette for the report “Never Give Up”. This is an account of a trip to Dharamsala, India, the headquarters of the Tibetan government in exile, where I met with Tibetans who fled Chinese repression.

Education and certificates

  • University of Gdansk, Marrymount College, City University of New York – Psychology, masters and doctorates

  • Coaching – International Coaching Community license

  • School of first and second degree trainers of the Polish Psychological Association


Commitment, passion, creativity.

Unusual abilities

I am doing the impossible, because I often don’t know that they are commonly regarded as such.