Course Assumptions and Objectives

Welcome to the demo version of Effective Communication & Teamwork - a program that was created with the aim of learning English while supporting your development in the field of effective communication.
The Demo version aims to familiarize you with our program. You will be able to watch a movie from the classes that will teach you our method of work and allow you to learn about the way of conducting classes and their specificity.
Research shows that active participation by increasing commitment increases the ability to absorb knowledge and makes us learn more and faster.
The methods you will use will be easy to use, and at the same time based on the latest trends and discoveries in the field of education and development.
We also provide you with a demo version of the test that will allow you to determine what role you most often play in your team. This way you will make better use of your strengths.


  • Movie – welcome in Effective Cooperation & Communication program
    2 min.
  • Team Role and Talent Test
    30 min.

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