The Culture4Communication course is prepared for people who work with people from different cultural areas on a daily basis.
Even experienced managers working on international markets often have too simplistic ideas about the behavior of people from other cultures. This is because we all tend to look at others from the perspective of one or two dimensions - e.g. preferred communication style, decision making method. However, culture is more complex.

To broaden your perspective, we offer you an Intercultural Communication Test measuring eight dimensions. You can do it only for yourself or additionally for any person from another culture with whom you work.

You should complete this test first. This will allow you to learn about your personal cultural characteristics that are important for effective business functioning. You can compare these results with the results of people you work with on a daily basis. You need to complete an analogous test for the person you work with and in this way you will receive a chart that will show the main similarities and differences in the 8 dimensions of the culture map.

Thanks to this method you will know the basic cultural dimensions and be able to adapt various communication techniques to the situation in which you find yourself. This will increase the efficiency of cooperation in multicultural teams and, consequently, improve business results.


  • Multicultural Communication Test – version for you
    20 min.
  • Multicultural Communication Test – for another person
    20 min.
  • Order interpretation of test results
    5 min.

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